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A Perspective of options

One of the strengths of individuals and organisations is their potential to develop and grow.

Skills, employed processes, teamwork and efficency can be changed, optimized or improved.

Together we will work to discover the potential and unknown or unattended potential in order to find options for their development and use.

The analysis and the procedure of our consulting is according to a systemic approach.

impuls-opt consulting zürich zurich organisational development Reiner Mansel

Crises are 


Frequently the deficites of development become known through the experience of crises. Before the beginning of crises many things are working and people do consider the current state to be natural, unchangeable or given.

Reiner Mansel impuls opt zurich zürich business consulting

Crises liberate energy of change even if they might shatter the self-conception of a persona or organization.

Originally the word "crisis" (greek) has the meaning: "moment of decision".

It is my ambition to create, together with you an opportunity to grow out of your current experience of crisis by utilizing your competencies.

I will encourage you to notice and seize the opportunities and resources that arise from the current crisis.

Potency and 


Any individual or organisation

has unique insight, strengths and potential.

A factor of success is relating to the quality of this potential.

Another part of success or efficiency of a person or organisation depends on the effectivity of cooperation with other persons or parts of the organisation.

Too much of attrition, lack of motivation, or unsolved conflicts within a team or between individuals reduces or even degrades productivity.

impuls opt Zürich, Unternehmensberatung, Reiner Mansel, Ressourcen

impuls opt Zürich, Unternehmensberatung, Reiner Mansel, Ressourcen

It is my goal to find out how to develop your potencies, to reduce attrition and to raise motivation in your organisation.

Method of Consulting

I will be present and listen to you in a manner of appreciation and respect. I will not deliver solutions but will ask together with you for options to the recent situation.

Your existing competencies and potential will be deciding factors in finding a way for a solution.

I will not try to change you, but accompany you in discovering your potential and finding ways of to more effectively put them to use.

Based on our shared process of analysis I will create a concept for development or change that we can discuss and together plan a strategy for implementation.

If needing I also may create for you, your organisation or your team specific trainings in order to support the necessary development.

It is my goal to help evolve the resources inherent in you or your organisation.

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